Youyou Mobile Wifi connects you anywhere, anytime

Low-cost, unlimited data

Affordable and unlimited subscription service

High-speed mobile network

speed up to 100Mb/s


connect up to 5 devices to 1 pocket wifi.

strong signal coverage

Partnering only with the best local service provider

Covering over 70 countries and regions

How does it work?


Charged per day with unlimited usage
perfect for occasional travellers


Purchase device, charged according to usage
perfect for frequent travellers

Over 100 thousand travellers are using our product

  • 小***aRented unlimited WiFi device for America

    It was very handy. We made it to several cities, including the desert, and there were no problems whatsoever. High Speed. The battery lasts long enough. Good product!

  • i***4Rented unlimited WiFi device for Europe (42countries)

    Used it in France and Italy and it was great that there was no limit on wifi usage. Many can share the device. I paired the wifi device with a mobile power charger, no stress all day long~ Will choose it again~

  • 小***屋Rented unlimited WiFi device for South Korea

    Speed was very fast in Korea, and customer service was great, 5 out of 5. Will definitely choose the wifi rental service again, and recommend to some friends. very efficient service.

  • w***9Rented unlimited WiFi device for South Africa

    Too good! Very strong signal in SF, will definitely come pick up a WiFi device before my next trip abroad. Customer service was great, 5-star all the way.

  • s***7Rented unlimited WiFi device for England

    The overall user experience was good, a must-have! Definitely good customer service, good experience.

  • 许***许Rented unlimited WiFi device for South Korea

    Having the Wifi device was very useful. High-speed, and the battery generally lasts over 12 hours. Only once over the five day trip that the device shut down by itself.

  • v***nRented unlimited WiFi device for South Korea

    The signal was good in most areas on the Jeju Island. Size was small enough to carry around easily.Battery lasts full-day easily. Convenient to pick up and return at the airport counter, will choose Youyou again

  • h***0Rented unlimited WiFi device for France

    Must-have, very nice suppliers, good service, used in everyday in France, high-speed, nice!

Serving hundreds of corporations with reliable WiFi service globally

  • OTA Channel

    Convenient high-speed 4G network, bringing exceptional user experience

  • Business travel

    Emails, conference meetings, powered by 24/7 WiFi reception收发邮件,参加会议,旅途中不间断的在线办公

  • Travel agency

    Enhance quality of service, share fun moments anytime along your journeys

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